TeamABA is the world’s leading behavior analytic organization that specializes in using the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to bring about positive outcomes for our clients. 

TeamABA redefines the quality of life for our world in the corporate boardrooms, in the classrooms of learning, on the playing fields of competitive sports, and for the overall health and wellness of people.

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Our Services

We serve a variety of clients

Athletes and teams seeking to improve their performance in competition (Sports Behavior Analytics).

Adults with intellectual or cognitive disabilities looking to further contribute to their community (Adult Services).

Professionals pursuing training and education in behavior analysis (Training and Supervision)

People desiring assistance with fitness goals, nutrition, and addictions (Behavior Wellness Services).

Businesses working to increase their productivity, efficiency, employee performance, and financial bottom line (Organizational Behavior Management Consulting)

Sports Behavior Analytics

Sports Behavior Analytics

Behavior affects performance on every level of athletic competition, from specific athletic performance during a competition to the behaviors necessary to enhance performance and long-term success outside of direct competition. TeamABA provides athletes, coaches, and teams the skills and strategies necessary to increase precision, accuracy, speed and overall athletic performance, the unity, and cohesion of teams, and the effectiveness of coaching. Whether you are an individual athlete, a member of the coaching staff, a parent, or a representative of the athletic program, TeamABA gives all athletes and teams the competitive advantage for any level of any sport.

Training / Supervision

Training and Supervision

As responsible and caring stewards in the field of behavior science, it is our aim to prepare the next generation of professionals to uphold the high standards of competency and ethical values set forth by bridge builders such as Ivar Lovaas, Robert Koegel, and B.F. Skinner and maintained by the Behavior Analysis Certification Board. TeamABA offers comprehensive supervision for students seeking to obtain certification through the BACB as a Board Certified Behavior Analysis (BCBA), Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysis (BCABA), and Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) that will apply in many specialties.

Adult Services

Adult Services

It is the goal of most adults to live as independently as possible. For those with intellectual disabilities, this can sometimes be challenging. TeamABA is very proud to provide learning and support services for adults with intellectual disabilities so they may reach their ultimate goals. Our individualized programs will collaboratively work with the families, caregivers, and employers to ensure our clients function as independently and successfully as possible in their daily lives.

Behavior Wellness

Behavior Wellness

Life presents itself with many challenges. TeamABA realizes that everyone is different in how he or she faces life’s difficulties; such as navigating through addictions, anger management, or even maintaining a healthy lifestyle through fitness. In our scientific approach to shaping positive behavior though systematically analyzing collected data and applying the most accurate interventions possible to achieve generalization, TeamABA will bring a fresh outlook to therapeutic strategies aimed to enhance the personalized goals of each individual.

OBM Consulting

Organizational Behavior Management

Having a strong foundation built around systems, procedures, evaluations and the people who are employed there are critical to the life of any business. TeamABA excels in utilizing the principles of a sub-discipline of applied behavior analysis called Organizational Behavior Management (OBM) to improve the overall performance and work safety of an organization. Our experienced practitioners have worked with shareholders of fortune 500 companies and small businesses to address the principal needs that affect their bottom line, and we are ready to do the same for you.

"Our vision is for every man, woman, and child to achieve his or her greatest potential, one data point at a time."

Our Team

TeamABA's Staff of Experts


Each member of our team brings a high level of expertise and experience to fulfill our organization’s powerful mission

Beverly Kirby

Co-founder, MS, BCBA


Playing an integral role in assembling TeamABA’s Team of Experts reflects an extraordinary career increasingly focused on the opportunity to disseminate behavior analysis to the largest population possible.

As a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst and now Chief Executive Director of TeamABA, her vision is to use the science of behavior analysis to improve lives, serving athletes and teams, providing professional training to people struggling with their overall mental and physical health, and working with small to midsize businesses to boost productivity, safely and efficiently.

Such worthy and ambitious goals are attainable because Beverly Kirby has been preparing for it all her life. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Rutgers University and began her career in the Neurobehavioral Unit at the prestigious Kennedy Krieger research hub. She also served as a Program Consultant /Family Trainer for C.H.A.M.P., Children Achieving Maximum Potential, and spent five genuinely rewarding years as a special education teacher at the Ivymount School. There, she provided specialized guidance to students with special needs and their families. This inspired her return to the classroom where she earned her master’s degree in Special Education from Johns Hopkins University. Her deep entrepreneurial roots are showcased in her earlier efforts helping to establish the acclaimed S.P.A.R.K.S., Successfully Providing Autism Resources and Knowledge Services.

Kirk Kirby

Co-founder, Managing Director


Some look at what is and accept it, Kirk Kirby instead sees what could be. For almost a decade he has taken applied behavior analysis services to a new level. At the heart of Kirk’s mission has been a passion to improve performance within organizations by unlocking the full potential of individuals.

Inspired by the success of S.P.A.R.K.S., Successfully Providing Autism Resources and Knowledge Services, TeamABA, builds upon the success of that model with a revolutionary approach to behavior analysis. The leadership, insight, and business acumen that Kirk possesses has enabled the successful navigation of multi-million dollar corporations, and the acclaimed success of the Washington DC-based S.P.A.R.K.S. Group. Kirk intends to seize the opportunity to leverage behavior analytic insight to improve the quality of life for everyone. In his storied career, Kirk’s aim is to bring behavioral analysis to the mainstream in his role as Managing Director and Co-Founder of TeamABA. ​

Dr. Natalie Parks

Managing Director, PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, CPBC


Dr. Parks’ rare perspective is the product of her life experiences in the academic, corporate and private sectors; schools, homes, and the community, clinics, non-profits, for-profits, and charitable organizations.

A board-certified behavior analyst and licensed psychologist, her focus is Organizational Behavior Management, (OBM), application of behavior analysis to leadership, performance management, classroom management, and business development, from start-ups to mature organizations. A fitness devotee, she enjoys all the St. Louis has to offer with her dogs, Callie and Mo, travel, friends, family and her secret passion for roller coasters.

Dr. Parks boasts a rich academic background; earning a Ph.D. in psychology, she is a Doctoral Level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D), and an adjunct faculty member at the Chicago School for Professional Psychology and St. Louis University Masters and Doctoral programs. Professional training has enabled her to work at every organizational level, therapist to CEO. Research interests include behavior analysis, organizational behavior management, leadership development, and sports behavioral analytics. Blending an affinity for people and a gift for collaboration, she believes everyone with the right training can be amazing, and behavior analysis used to teach positive interaction can solve our toughest societal problems and deliver successful outcomes. Natalie’s love for children and commitment to giving back to her community add even broader dimension to TeamABA’s team of experts.

Wes Lowery

Sports Behavior Analyst Program Manager, MS, BCBA


Throughout a distinguished career that for nearly a decade has featured providing services for children, adolescents and adults with special needs, Wes Lowery has dedicated himself to a clearly defined priority: Uplifting and inspiring every client to reach beyond self-imposed limits and aspire to a better life freed from limits.

His experience includes basic research, animal training, sports health and fitness, early childhood intervention as well as organizational behavioral management for a host of small, medium and large enterprises in diverse industries. His recent years have included Applied Behavior Analyst management of dispersed teams in remote areas.

Earning both a Bachelor of Science and then a Master of Science degree at the University of North Texas, he co-founded Behaviorist Uniting for Health & Fitness, (BUHF) an innovative research lab during his final graduate year under the guidance of Dr. Jon Pinkston. He further supplemented his formal training to become a supervising Board-Certified Behavior Analyst, creating and managing teams providing a broad range of services for families throughout Texas. During this time, pushing the limits of what he learned, then adding a passion for improving the health of children at risk of obesity, as well as working to improve athletic performance through behavioral modification to unleash the full potential of people of all ages in all walks of life.

Mark Wilkerson

Research and Development Manager, MS, BCBA


Few understand or are as dedicated, to providing psychological services for the educational community as Mark Wilkerson. His educational credentials reveal an extraordinary commitment to higher education spanning four states and nearly two decades.

Equally as impressive is his practical and professional experience, including work as a school psychologist, focusing on autistic children and their families in both the private sector, in Public K-12 and Adult Learning for the State of Maryland, and outreach therapy for elementary school students in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Linking these diverse positions is the psychological and emotional support he has provided for students with behavioral disorders.

A Bachelor of Science and Master’s in Special Education degrees at New Jersey City University was followed by a Master’s in Criminal Justice at St. Joseph’s University, Post-Graduate Counseling courses at Coppin State University, and a Ph.D. in School Psychology at the Ohio State University expected in 2020. Nationally Certified School Psychologist, a licensed School Psychologist in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and Certified Teacher of the Disabled in New Jersey. In his personal time, Mark earned a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jujitsu and now coaches wrestling and football students. Adding Mark to Team ABA’s Team of Experts leverages his understanding of students, education and behavior management to elevate athletic performance for athletes at all skill levels.

Dr. Rick Kubina

Managing Director, PhD, BCBA-D


It’s often been said that if we’re truly fortunate into our lives will come a truly remarkable teacher that impacts our lives fundamentally and changes us for the better. Such dedication and love for people can be seen in every aspect of Dr. Kubina’s life, both personally and professionally.

His approach is end to end, beginning with how we learn, and then zeroing-in on our individual challenges. As a professor of special education at Pennsylvania State University, his work redefines learning and potential, and now, his insight helps guide TeamABA benefiting aspiring athletes at all ages and skill levels, amateur to professional. Complementing his academic background are diverse real-world experiences that enhance his perspective and enrich his commitment to helping all people to overcome their limitations to become the best they can be.

A successful career as a tech entrepreneur, launching, building and exiting the company; serving as the editor of the prestigious Journal of Precision Teaching & Celebration; as a trusted consultant for public school districts and charter schools and Director of Research for Central Reach. All draw upon his academic background including a Bachelors in psychology and a master’s and Doctorate in special education from The Ohio State University and published works include research articles, books and commissioned chapters on evidence-based education, applied behavior analysis and measurement.


At TeamABA we pride ourselves on our community. We aim to increase our outreach in the world to other organizations so they can thrive in their own communities. By bringing together individuals, businesses and organizations to create a greater community, we can provide a large population with all the resources they need to perform at an ELITE level. When you support our existing initiatives or partner with us to create greater outreach, you are creating a legacy and investing in individuals who will change our world.


"Bringing about meaningful and positive change in behavior and improving performance is the name of our game."

Our Mission

To utilize the science of behavior to create a better way of life for individuals and organizations by implementing tailor-made behavior analytic programs designed to achieve the highest desired outcomes.

Our team of highly qualified professionals are Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) that have over 75 combined years of providing personalized interventions, coaching, and training to a variety of clients. It is our purpose to disseminate the science of behavior to improve the world.

TeamABA ensures clients reach their goals by observing behavior in a natural environment, recording and tracking data on targeted behaviors, and analyzing those data to provide the most appropriate and effective techniques and interventions that ensure clients reach their goals as quickly as possible.

We rely on DATA to make every decision. There is no room for assumption or guessing, which is what makes us the best at what we do.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science in which the principles of behavior are applied systematically to improve socially significant behaviors. Experimental control is used to identify the specific variables responsible for behavior change. There are seven dimensions of ABA and all must be present for practice. They are:

1.  Applied – intervention only targets those behaviors which are socially significant, meaning they are of immediate importance to the client.

2.  Behavior – behaviors targeted through intervention must be in need of improvement and measured exactly.

3.  Analytic – a functional relation between the intervention and the behavior must be demonstrated.

4.  Technological – all procedures used during the intervention must be precisely identified and described.

5.  Conceptually Systematic – all interventions must be described in terms of the relevant principles from which they were developed.

6.  Effective – all interventions must provide changes in behavior that are meaningful to the client.

7.  Generality – intervention effects must last over time and across different settings.

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