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COVID-19 Safety Protocols

TeamABA COVID-19 Safety Update

  • All staff, players and guardians will have their temperature taken upon entering the training area. Any persons with a temperature resulting 99.5 degrees or higher will not be allowed to enter the building. Please Note: The facilities used are open to the public, however, the training area will be separate from others. All TeamABA Covid-19 protocols will be enforced at ALL designated training areas.
  • Patrons and staff must wash their hands immediately upon entering the building.
  • Mandatory masks inside building. Masks are always to be worn by all persons while in the building.
  • All staff and patrons will maintain at a minimum 6 feet socially distant between one another when inside building.
  • Any patrons or employee that are suspected of being sick runny nose, excessive sneezing will not be allowed to enter the training area.
  • All players will be issued one ball during training. Every mandatory break they will be required to disinfect their ball and wash their hands before returning to training
  • All Coaches will be required to wear gloves during training along with their masks.
  • The training equipment used will be sprayed down during mandatory breaks with EPA certified solution.
  • Capacity in training area will be reduced to meet county’s mandate
  • If a member of the staff is diagnosed with Covid-19 all staff that may have come in contact with that person will be notified. Also all patrons that visited TeamABA’s training during the time the staff member worked will also be contacted via phone call or email if they can’t be contacted by phone.
  • Staff is not to come in contact with parents or children until further noticed. If a child needs assistance staff should use a safety stick or should contact the child’s parent.
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